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101B, Wisconsin Center

A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place: Navigating the Dreaded Social Media Audit

Tuesday, Oct 15 10:45 - 11:30

Presented by Katie Monfet

We’ve all been there. A rogue social media account related to your institution pops up in social listening, and a small piece of you dies as you discover the lack of branding or strategy involved in its creation. This case study will examine how Eastern Florida State College performed an in-depth audit to ultimately restructure its social media landscape—all while addressing the needs of account stakeholders and significantly increasing engagement across channels. Attendees will walk away with tips on how to gain institutional support for a social media audit, how to approach best practice training for moderators, and how to maintain order in the ever-changing world of digital communication.



Katie Monfet

Assistant Manager of Web & Social Media

Katie Monfet is the Assistant Manager of Web & Social Media at Eastern Florida State College. An alumna of Dickinson College, Monfet has worked in higher education since 2016 and is currently pursuing her MA in Communications. She is passionate about social media strategy, content creation, and digital marketing. In her spare time, she enjoys musical theatre, speaking German, and spending time with her dog, Bacon.