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102DE, Wisconsin Center

Automated Testing For EDU

Tuesday, Oct 15 11:45 - 12:30

Presented by Steve Persch

Automated testing sounds like a great idea. One that you’ll definitely try out on the next project, next semester, maybe next year. Maybe.

Automated testing can help right now. You don’t have to wait to start at the beginning of a project, or with unit tests, or only if you can maintain 100% test coverage. Even on messy, decade-old sites there is room for automated testing to help you do two things: move fast and ensure stability.

This session will give a high level overview of different types of automated testing and when they can be introduced. Types of testing covered will include visual regression, code sniffing, system tests and behavior-driven development.



Steve Persch

Lead Developer Advocate

Steve Persch is a developer with 13 years of experience building WordPress and Drupal sites. While interning at a theatre company in college, Steve overheard the artistic director say they needed a blog and an online magazine. Steve volunteered to build the sites and WordPress 2.0.4 got the job done. His path was changed and he's been building sites since. Steve spent much of his career at Palantir.net, a Drupal-focused web agency. Working at Palantir, Steve built sites for a range of clients including Foreign Affairs, Marketplace, Public Radio International, and many higher education institutions. Steve was a co-maintainer of the Workbench suite of modules. You can find patches from Steve all over Drupal core and contributed modules.