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102AB, Wisconsin Center

Avoid the Burnout: How to deal with stress physically, emotionally, and mentally at work

Tuesday, Oct 15 10:45 - 11:30

Presented by Karli Champ

Picture this: you’ve just skipped lunch to run to your next meeting on academic program pages, arms full of paperwork and mind racing because you left three design projects on your desktop. You run into the room and someone asks if you’ve finished that content upload that they mentioned a few days ago. A second person asks if you’ve had time to look at that Very Vague Code Thing email. The meeting is starting and everyone turns to look at you expectantly. Fade to black.

In this session, we’re going to take a look at how stress affects us and our work. We’ll look at why we stress in the first place, and how to practice physical, emotional, and mental techniques to reduce stress before the symptoms become detrimental to our motivation. We’ll also look at how JCC’s Marketing office has incorporated these steps into our office routine. Participation is welcomed but not required!



Karli Champ

Web Content Manager

Karli Champ is first and foremost a friend, closely followed by writer and artist. Her title is web content manager at Jamestown Community College, where she works with college departments to create beautiful written and visual content for the JCC website, aka her baby. Champ enjoys the many parts of her job: writing, designing, researching, and especially working with her hardworking, supportive, and overall awesome office. Champ’s love of editing written content is only eclipsed by her love of cats, food, travel, and photography.