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102C, Wisconsin Center

Avoiding Tragic Design: Product and Project Management for Successful Launches

Monday, Oct 14 9:30 - 10:15

Presented by Nic Bertino

Over the course of 18 months, WordPress looked to modernize their content publishing experience with Gutenberg. By the time it launched in late 2018, users were split on the product, a number of key volunteers had resigned, and the community was fractured.

No one sets out with the goal of making a bad website or product, but making your next launch a success is a science. Using lessons from Gutenberg’s development, we will examine how to set measurable outcomes, the importance of tools for transparency and accountability, baking in performance and accessibility from the outset, and how to fail elegantly to avoid tragic design.



Nic Bertino

Director of Digital Strategy

Nic Bertino is a User Experience Design Manager at Appfolio. Previously, Bertino spent nine years at Santa Clara University as a development and design manager. Prior to SCU, Bertino worked as an applications developer with a focus on eCommerce in the fashion and manufacturing space. When not at work, Bertino can be found on his never-ending quest for the best espresso, making robot noises on analog synthesizers, or playing sand volleyball.