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102C, Wisconsin Center

Boom: A Design System

Tuesday, Oct 15 11:45 - 12:30

Presented by Bridget Burke and Jonathan Earley

You know what a design system is, maybe you’ve seen a few talks or tweeted about it, and you’ve casually mentioned to your manager that you are interested in creating a design system. What now? This is not a session to tell you **what** a design system is or **why** you should have a design system (hint: you should). In this session, we’ll discuss how we built our design system at the University of Michigan Library with modern frameworks and tooling, how we maintain the system, and our plans for the future of our design system.

Attendees will learn how they can use React, Storybook, Lerna, npm, and Gatsby to make their own design system and documentation, and how to integrate the design system with Sketch. Whether you are a solo developer or part of a team, a design system will help inform and grow your work every single day. A design system helps build consistent and cohesive interfaces, speeds up productivity and employee onboarding, avoids repeating work, establishes a shared vocabulary and detailed documentation, allows for easier testing, and ensures accessibility is built into your components and patterns.



Bridget Burke

Front-end Developer & Accessibility Specialist

Bridget Burke has been a web developer for the University of Michigan since 2015. Burke currently works in the Design & Discovery department in the University of Michigan Library as a Front-end Developer and Accessibility Specialist where she creates accessible user interfaces for digital library applications and conducts accessibility evaluations on digital services and applications.

Jonathan Earley

Front-end Developer & Accessibility Specialist

Jon Earley joined the University of Michigan Library in September 2015 and focuses on front end web development and accessibility. He spends most of his time building user interfaces for digital library services with inclusive user-centered design techniques to better serve the campus and community. Before Michigan, he worked at Skokie Public Library as a Web Developer and prior to that he worked as an Adjunct Web Developer at Grand Valley State University Libraries.