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102C, Wisconsin Center

Copyeditors: The Heroes Academic Content Needs (and Really Deserves)

Tuesday, Oct 15 2:45 - 3:30

Presented by Rebecca Rodgers and Damien Bilka

More than the standard crime-fighting sidekick, copyeditors fight crimes beyond typos and grammatical errors. We scrutinize numerous aspects of design to ensure the final product—from plain old text to interactive multimedia—is coherent, cohesive, consistent, accessible, clear, and engaging. This presentation will proclaim the often unheralded superpowers a copyeditor possesses, including some of the services that a crack shot editing team can offer. No budget for copyediting? Don’t despair. We’ll give you crime-fighting tools for your utility belt and teach you how to use copyediting superpowers you didn’t even know you had.



Rebecca Rodgers

Writer & Editor

Rebecca Rodgers, MFA, is a writer and editor for Penn State World Campus, where she combines her patchwork background in technical writing, medical software training, creative writing, online teaching, and textbook editing. When she’s not mesmerizing her niece and nephew with her favorite childhood books, she's reading, knitting, hiking, or tweeting about how great copyediting is at @BeccaIsEditing.

Damien Bilka

Writer & Editor

Damien Bilka is a writer and editor at Penn State World Campus. He holds an MFA in creative writing from Oregon State University and is emeritus professor of his own writing career. In his retirement from writing short stories, he enjoys helping others realize their creative and professional writing dreams. He occasionally tweets to several dozens of followers @damienbilka.