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Ballroom CD, Wisconsin Center

Empowering Students To Be the Very Best

Presented by Lougan Bishop

Every year, higher ed professionals search far and wide for the right student help. Once we find them, what do we do with them? Whether they are student workers or volunteers, their experiences may very well be their first taste of professional work. In this session, Lougan Bishop will discuss how empowering students can help your organization and how you can challenge them to be the very best, like no one ever was. 


Lougan Bishop

Web & Digital Media Manager

Lougan Bishop is the Web & Digital Media Manager for Belmont University. He’s responsible for the development of strategies for web, social, video and other digital media that support Belmont’s efforts to advance the strategic priorities of the University. He leads the digital marketing team in development, implementation and production of related campaigns or projects. He also leads efforts to continuously evaluate and improve web, social and video content. In addition, Bishop is the chair of Belmont’s Social Media Administration Team, which oversees the University’s flagship social media accounts and supervises the Boulevard Team, Belmont’s social media student street team.