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103C, Wisconsin Center

From Colleagues to Collaborators: How Building Relationships Can Pave the Way for Sustainable Change

Monday, Oct 14 9:30 - 10:15

Presented by Marissa Gentling

We all have the same the goal: An engaging website that’s easy to use, effective, and delivers exactly what our users are looking for. In a dream world, this sounds easy. Getting there is one thing. But maintaining standards across a variety of siloed departments and programs is entirely different. Add in multiple stakeholders who all have different objectives for their section of the website — and various levels of leadership and involvement — and you’re often left with a logistical nightmare of the website maintenance boogeyman.

Drawing inspiration from tried-and-true models of change, we’ll discuss how to identify the needs of your audience and clients, connect the silos, and bridge the gaps along the way. This shift in your organizational structure can mean the difference between “here, do this” and “let’s do this together.” You’ll walk away feeling ready to confront issues on web governance and workflow using an agile and evidence-based approach.


Marissa Gentling

Digital Content Manager

For nearly 15 years, Marissa Gentling has dedicated her career to developing and managing content for the print and digital world. As the digital content manager for Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science, she works with content contributors representing more than 400 medical, surgical, health science, and biomedical research programs across three campuses in Minnesota, Florida, and Arizona. She holds a master's degree in business administration and a bachelor's degree in mass communications. With a background in journalism and content strategy, Marissa’s passion is to make connections, build trust, and break down barriers to change.