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Ballroom CD, Wisconsin Center

From “UMM…Codes?” To UTM Codes

Tuesday, Oct 15 1:30 - 2:30

Presented by Jackie Vetrano

No matter where you are in the content process – from writer to web developer – it’s become more and more clear that data is essential for finding what’s working and what needs improvement. In this session, we’ll learn all about UTM Codes. Free, easy additions anyone (yes, even you “non-computer people”) can make to your website’s URLs to unlock a goldmine of data – from the number of visitors hitting your page from a certain social media initiative, all the way to learning more about the interests of your users. Then, we’ll figure out how to find this data and some quick tips on how to analyze it.



Jackie Vetrano

Online Marketing and Social Media Manager

Jackie Vetrano is the online marketing and social media manager at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In this role, she assists the social media and web content teams by analyzing data to make strategic decisions online. Vetrano is the co-host of Higher Ed Social, a weekly podcast breaking the silos in higher education through unique conversation. The podcast is also part of the ConnectEDU Podcast Network, a network of podcasts for higher education, which she founded. Vetrano spends her free time running, trying new foods, axe-throwing, defending the Oxford Comma, and posting photos of her cat on Instagram. She's also celebrating her recent completion of the Integrated Marketing Communications master's program from Georgetown University; high-fives are encouraged.