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102DE, Wisconsin Center

Get. Stuff. Done.

Tuesday, Oct 15 9:30 - 10:15

Presented by Day Kibilds

In our jobs, we (rightfully) focus on meeting the needs of our constituents. But things fall apart when we are faced with logistical nightmares, bureaucracy, micromanagement, and miscommunication.

This session will focus on the basics: scheduling meetings, taking meeting notes, handling document versions, creating documentation, and writing effective emails. Anyone can do these things — but not everyone is doing them right. No matter your role, learn the tips and tools to help you communicate clearly, make your life easier, and get stuff done.



Day Kibilds

Manager of Undergraduate Recruitment

Day Kibilds is the manager of undergraduate recruitment at Western University. Prior to this role in Canada, she was a digital strategist at Cornell and a business analyst at Penn State. Her favorite work happens when she can combine the analytical and the creative, and her strength is creating strategy based both on data and intuition. Kibilds has been a speaker at conferences in the United States and Canada, including Confab, HighEdWeb, and OURA. When not strategizing, she loves to train for triathlons and take her new baby everywhere.