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102C, Wisconsin Center

Guten Tolerance: Optimizing the New WordPress Authoring Experience for Higher Ed

Presented by Matt Ryan

With its 5.0 release, WordPress has a new authoring interface called Gutenberg. Some schools have embraced it, and some are holding off for as long as possible. At Carleton we happen to have chosen this interesting time to adopt WordPress, and have jumped in to the Gutenberg waters with both feet. What has been fabulous? What has been painful? We’ll share what we’ve learned, what we’ve done to enhance the experience for our 100+ content editors, and what gotchas to look out for in making the transition to Gutenberg.


Matt Ryan

Associate Director of Web Communications

Matt is a user experience strategist who lives in Minnesota. When he's not doing UX design, he's playing with his 4-year-old, skiing, and playing drums.