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102DE, Wisconsin Center

Hands On with CSS Grid and Flexbox

Wednesday, Oct 16 1:00 - 4:30

Presented by Stephen Fornal

Have you been maintaining an aging website for your institution, based on fragile and cumbersome CSS for layout? Do you sweat bullets every time you have to add another hack to your existing CSS code base, waiting for the inevitable layout failures to surface? Is it long past due for a code refactor and refresh, or are you about to redesign your site from scratch?

This time, you need to do it with Flexbox and Grid. Your future self will thank you.

In this workshop, you will learn about the Flexbox and Grid modules. We’ll cover specs, syntax, use cases, and we’ll get hands-on with a variety of demos as we go. To conclude, we’ll build out a complete layout, based on a real-world page design, using the tools we just learned. And we’ll do it using a modern front-end build system, based on Node, Gulp, Sass, and Browser Sync.

This workshop is for CSS and HTML developers, and UX/Designers as well. Little to no Javascript required, no server side coding involved.


Stephen Fornal

Manager of Web Development

Stephen Fornal is the Manager of Web Development for Tarrant County College, in Fort Worth, Texas, a large school with 60,000 students per semester and 6 separate campuses. He loves to experiment in front end coding, and CSS in particular. He's also a champion for accessibility. When he isn't working, he's playing with his three-legged Shiba Inu and his eleven year old son, or he's whipping up some amazing grub in the kitchen, or if he's lucky, he's out playing or hosting pub trivia. Stephen likes to share his knowledge, and would love to hear from you.