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102DE, Wisconsin Center

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Supercharge Your Site with Service Workers

Monday, Oct 14 8:30 - 9:15

Presented by Stephen Fornal

Learn to leverage the power of Service Workers to make your site faster, more robust, and even make content available offline! Service Workers are the best kind of progressive enhancement; they work with an ever-increasing number of browsers, and allow you to add more robust caching, prefetching of critical assets, offline content, and even implement push notifications.

You will learn how to create and install a Service Worker for your site, what new browser APIs are available to your Service Worker, and several concrete strategies for getting started with a Service Worker on your site for some immediate performance gains. The future of the web is pretty bright, and Service Workers are an amazing new tool in our toolbox.



Stephen Fornal

Manager of Web Development

Stephen Fornal is the Manager of Web Development for Tarrant County College, in Fort Worth, Texas, a large school with 60,000 students per semester and 6 separate campuses. He loves to experiment in front end coding, and CSS in particular. He's also a champion for accessibility. When he isn't working, he's playing with his three-legged Shiba Inu and his eleven-year-old son, or he's whipping up some amazing grub in the kitchen, or if he's lucky, he's out playing pub trivia. Stephen likes to share his knowledge, and would love to hear from you.