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102C, Wisconsin Center

Let’s Learn Git: No More Excuses

Sunday, Oct 13 1:00 - 4:30

Presented by Dwayne McDaniel

Whether it is for re-using the same code, experimenting with your code quickly and efficiently, or just for better document management, one of the most important leaps any site builder will ever take in their path towards becoming a developer is learning a version control system, or VCS. Since Git is the standard VCS over 80% of developers, lets roll up our sleeves and dive in. The benefits far outweigh the efforts needed to learn this tooling. Once you start, you will wonder why it took you so long to unleash the power of this awesome tech.

This talk will briefly explore the need for git, the history and use cases. Then we will jump into how to get started and the basic organizational concepts. We will also examine Github, the web based Git hosting service. Bring your laptops to play along at home and get started before you leave the room.


Dwayne McDaniel


Dwayne McDaniel has been working in tech and open source since 2005. Once he dipped a toe into the world of Free and Open Source Software, he knew never wanted to work outside of it again. Over his years of sales and marketing roles, including Developer Advocate at a Pantheon, he developed a passion for optimizing business processes and project workflows. He has since founded Process Digital Consulting to focus on helping people design internal procedures to improve productivity. A a speaker, Dwayne has had the privilege of presenting at dozens of community events from Paris to Iceland and from MIT and Stanford. Reach out at processdigitalconsulting.com or on twitter @mcdwayne