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102AB, Wisconsin Center

On the Side: Freelancing, Moonlighting, & Side-Hustling in Higher Ed – A Panel

Presented by Donna Talarico

It’s not uncommon for higher ed web professionals to experience a career transition. At some point, we might have a desire or need to earn extra income. Other times, we might just have the ambition to finally tap into our entrepreneurial spirit.

Whether a temporary need or a long-term goal, whether by necessity or for fun, there are opportunities for talented web professionals to make a living outside the boundaries of an institution. We are in the gig economy, after all. This panel-style session will feature folks from various areas (writing, design, strategy, programming) who’ve found success in independent endeavors, as well as agency or school staff members who rely on freelancers for work overflow or when a full-time position isn’t the budget. Panelists will share first-hand experiences and advice on finding work, clients and contracts, managing projects, keeping up with professional development and the community, and other aspects of the solo or on-the-side life.


Donna Talarico


Donna Talarico is an independent writer and founder of Hippocampus Magazine and Books its annual conference, HippoCamp. Talarico has more than two decades of experience in marketing communications, writing, and media, and about half of that time has been in higher education. She writes an adult learner marketing column for Wiley, and has contributed to CASE Currents, Guardian Higher Education Network, The Writer, mental_floss, various alumni magazines and other trade and mainstream publications.