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101B, Wisconsin Center

Optimizing Your Content for Search Engines

Wednesday, Oct 16 1:00 - 4:30

Presented by Brian Piper

Are you putting out great content that doesn’t get the traffic you want? Do you wonder what content has the best potential to rank well on the search engines?

This workshop will walk through the entire content optimization process, including:
• Researching content ideas to determine what is currently driving online traffic
• Doing keyword research to find long-tail keyword phrases to target
• Learning how and where to include keywords in your content to make sure the search engines find your content
• Determining how to track your content after you publish it to measure it’s effectiveness
• Discovering how to promote your content to get the best reach
• Optimizing your existing content that has high search potential for organic and rich snippet rankings

This session will also address how social channels, AI, voice search and influencer marketing can help with search engine optimization. Come with some of your web content you would like to optimize and we’ll work through the process with your content during the session.


Brian Piper

Director of Content Strategy and Assessment

Brian Piper is Director of Content Strategy and Assessment for the University of Rochester Department of Communications. Brian has been doing SEO and web content development since 1996. He has created online training programs for hundreds of companies including Xerox, Carestream, Getinge, Kodak and Volvo. He has spent the last 5 years focusing on data analytics, digital marketing and content strategy. When he's not creating data visualizations, he teaches wingsuit skydiving and spends time with his wife and six children.