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101B, Wisconsin Center

Slay It by Ear: Building a Better University Podcast

Tuesday, Oct 15 11:45 - 12:30

Presented by Julie Bartucca and Tom Breen and Ken Best

Two avid podcast fans and a longtime community radio broadcaster working in marketing and PR at the University of Connecticut had a vision to tell UConn’s story through the growing medium of podcasting, without making it feel like stiff, stale PR. Learn how we got buy-in and freedom to create the award-winning UConn 360, which brings alumni, students, faculty, staff, and fans everything that’s fun, surprising, and unique about this top public university. We’ll show you how to create and promote a compelling podcast on a shoestring budget, how to repurpose podcast content to get more bang for your buck, and how to fit all of this into your existing workflow.



Julie Bartucca

Senior Marketing Associate

Julie Bartucca is a writer and project manager in UConn's Office of University Communications, where she spends most of her time leading the creation of undergraduate recruitment materials; editing a research magazine aimed at drawing referrals to UConn's academic medical center; proofreading anything and everything; and co-hosting, producing, and editing the award-winning UConn 360 podcast. Prior to joining UConn in 2014, the proud UConn alum was a journalist at The Hartford Courant. She lives in central Connecticut with her husband and two rescue dogs, one who has the softest fur ever and one who doesn't let the fact that he's missing a leg slow him down (at. all.).

Tom Breen

Manager for Special Projects

Tom Breen has worked at the University of Connecticut since 2012, where he currently holds the title Manager for Special Projects. His duties include speech writing, emergency communications, institutional research, social media work, and now, UConn 360: The Only Podcast That Covers the University of Connecticut From Every Angle. Prior to his arrival at UConn, he was a journalist for 11 years, mostly with The Associated Press in West Virginia and North Carolina. A Connecticut native and UConn graduate, Breen is also the author of two nonfiction books about American religion and one collection of short fiction.

Ken Best

Editorial Associate

Ken Best covers activities in the humanities and social sciences in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, School of Fine Arts, Humanities Institute, UConn Libraries, and Human Rights Institute for UConn Today and is a co-host of the UConn 360 Podcast. He previously served as editor of UConn Magazine for 10 years and wrote the Huskymania sports blog for UConn Today. Before joining UConn, he covered news and sports in Connecticut for The New York Times, edited the Weekend section for the Stamford Advocate and Greenwich Time and wrote arts and culture stories syndicated by the Los Angeles Times-Washington Post News Service. He has been on the airwaves of community radio in Connecticut since 1984, first at WPKN in Bridgeport and since 2014 hosting music programs at WHUS in Storrs. He is the author of Eight Days a Week: An Illustrated Record of Rock ‘n’ Roll (Pomegranate Books).