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Ballroom B Foyer, Wisconsin Center

So We Made a Framework

Monday, Oct 14 10:15 - 11:30

Presented by James Upp

When you have one university team that is suddenly responsible for maintaining (and eventually rewriting) multiple projects written in different languages, you need a solid base start with. There’s a lot of PHP options out there: CodeIgniter, Zend, Laravel, and many more. Surely one of them would meet the needs of our team, but we decided to do something different and created a framework from the ground up. So why did we do it? What did we do right, what did we do wrong? And is it something that we would do again? This isn’t going to go into the technical details about PHP, but the decisions we made, the outcomes that followed, and if it might work for you and your team.



James Upp

Web Application Developer

James Upp is a web application developer at Clemson University, where he once started out as a lowly IT Help Desk student employee. He taught himself PHP & MySQL to automate a process, and eventually learned how to write solid PHP code. He is part of the SDI Web Development Team, which creates and supports web-based applications for academic, departmental, and business systems at the University, as well as some state-wide applications.