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102AB, Wisconsin Center

Supergirl Power: One Person Really Can Do It All

Presented by Ingrid Hoogendoorn

Are you the lone superhero in your school? Are you called to leap high mountains in a single bound as you do everything from running websites and social media to managing marketing projects? Has your brilliant problem solving become almost commonplace to your superiors? Do you find yourself tempted to roll your eyes and throw up your hands when asked to do “just one more little thing?” Learn how this office of one learned to balance it all while keeping things moving.

During this session, we’ll look at strategies to do the work of a department in the absence of having a team by utilizing student workers, managing managers and vendors, forging collaborations with colleagues, repurposing content, and finding creative solutions to impossible problems.


Ingrid Hoogendoorn

Director of Communications

Ingrid Hoogendoorn has spent her professional life committed to communicating ideas to others. Her career began as an elementary school teacher communicating complex ideas in ways that made sense to young students. She then worked as an editor at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, developing print and online materials for learners of all ages. She brought her communications and education experience to her current role as Director of Communications at New England College of Optometry. In this role, she manages two websites, seven social media streams, 10 student bloggers, 3 student reporters, design work, press releases, and anything communications related.