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102DE, Wisconsin Center

Composing Continuously

Monday, Oct 14 11:30 - 12:15

Presented by Charles Fulton and Paul Gilzow and Royall Spence

When you have a handful of WordPress sites, updating plugins and core from the Web GUI, and managing your theme in GIT works. But what happens when you have dozens if not hundreds of sites? How do you manage changes in an efficient, standard fashion, that minimizes downtime? Enter Composer, a package manager for PHP that allows you to manage a project’s dependencies and requirements. Thinking of your site as a project with dependencies versus just a bunch of code opens up a whole new level of possibilities. Unfortunately, WordPress does not support composer out-of-the-box and takes some effort to get working properly. Join a panel of Higher Ed developers and architects as they discuss why they chose a composer-based management workflow, how they’ve implemented this workflow on their campuses, and lessons-learned.



Charles Fulton

Senior Web Applications Developer,

Charles Fulton is a web developer at Lafayette College and frequent train rider. He has worked in higher education web development for over a decade. At Lafayette he helps manage the web infrastructure, broadly defined. He architected Lafayette’s continuous integration and delivery environment, based on GitLab and Docker. Charles maintains over a dozen WordPress and Moodle plugins. He has previously served on the Steering Committee for the Collaborative Liberal Arts Moodle Project (CLAMP) and helps maintain CLAMP's Liberal Arts Edition distribution. In his spare time he builds model railroads and reviews B-movies.

Paul Gilzow


Programmer/Analyst-Principal at the University of Missouri. Web application security and accessibility evangelist. Software instructor. Conference lecturer and presenter. Runs on passion and coffee.

Royall Spence

Technical Account Manager

Royall Spence is a software developer with a background in PHP, although Go is his current favorite