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102DE, Wisconsin Center

The Fundamental Humanity of “Agile”

Monday, Oct 14 4:00 - 4:45

Presented by John Williams

Agile development can seem bizarre, strange, confusing, and even risky. But strip agile of its jargon — words like “sprints,” “burndown charts,” and “retros” — and you will find a process at the core that has driven most human creative activity. John Williams, a career web developer with a humanities background, will explore how software development has much more in common with literature than engineering — and how agile is an expression of the creative process we all already know so well.



John Williams

Senior Front End Developer

A lot of people are surprised when they learn John Williams was an English major, given his mad development skills, but it’s actually his interest in the humanities that drove him to the Web. Williams learned HTML in college in 1993 and quickly realized that the Web would be a communications revolution, along the same lines as the Gutenberg Press.