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102DE, Wisconsin Center

The Programmer’s Guide to the Galaxy: How Programming Style Guides Can Help You and Your Team

Tuesday, Oct 15 2:45 - 3:30

Presented by Mark Whittaker

Tabs or spaces? Camel case or underscores? We all have our preferences, but they can sometimes clash with how other members of our team write code. Programming style guides can bring teams together to follow a shared set of standards, paving the way for consistent and readable code. During this session we will explore the benefits of programming style guides, great resources to get started, and ways to enforce them in most modern text editors.



Mark Whittaker

Sr. Web Developer

Mark Whittaker has been a web developer for Southern Utah University since 2015. As the Sr. Web Developer, he has developed many of the university's web applications and is always looking for the solution to "There's gotta be another way!" He has a passion for web security, believes nothing is done until you've broken it a few times first, and celebrates what we can gain from failure. Whittaker recently presented at HighEdWeb 2018 about web application security.