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103AB, Wisconsin Center

The Secret to Turning Student Feedback into Actionable Insight on Common Student Issues

Monday, Oct 14 9:30 - 10:15

Presented by Angela Cavaliere

Have you ever taken the time to observe a student navigate through your institution’s web experience? We all know we are supposed to be doing this, but who has the time or resources? As education professionals, we often underestimate the complexity of the processes we develop and neglect students opinions and perspective.

Learn about how MCCC made the commitment to spend time focusing on usability. MCCC utilizes formal and informal user feedback processes to gather actionable insight into common student issues.  Hear about the tools and methods used to collect student feedback and enhance existing processes by providing targeted guidance.  Participate in demonstrations of the processes and products used in this work. Walk away with a few great tips and tricks to amp up your web usability and empower your students to have a voice.



Angela Cavaliere

Manager of Digital Usability

Angela Cavaliere has worked at Montgomery County Community College for 4 years. Prior to working for Montco she was a student at the College. Initially starting out as Web Administrator, she managed the College website and portal. After going through a full website redesign and a certification in UX from the Neilsen/Norman group, she was able to create her own position as the Manager of Digital Usability. Along with working in the IT department, she is also an adjunct professor at the College in User Experience and User Interface. Cavaliere also leads the Climate Council at the College, and decorates the IT Christmas tree for every season. Cavaliere has committed most of her time at the College to improving student usability, and has made significant improvements to student processes. Outside of work, Cavaliere enjoys photography, cooking, baking and pasty arts, exercising and spending time with her "kid"tens (Cats).