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103C, Wisconsin Center

Working with Developers to Activate your Content Strategy

Tuesday, Oct 15 8:30 - 9:15

Presented by Georgy Cohen

When we’re talking about digital work, sometimes we divide that work into two buckets: the “creative” work (completed by visionary unicorns) and the “technical” work (completed by heads-down colleagues who just want to be left alone to code in peace).

But this is inaccurate. The creative and technical aspects of digital work need to be aligned in order to create effective experiences. This is particularly true when we are talking about content strategy.

In this talk, I will discuss how to practically achieve successful collaboration between creative and technical teams, yielding both an effective content strategy and deeper cross-disciplinary understanding. This means being more thoughtful about team dynamics and communication, requirements gathering, information design, the interplay between code and content, and overall site governance.


Georgy Cohen

Director of Digital Strategy

Georgy Cohen has spent nearly 20 years wrangling digital content for universities, newspapers, and a host of other organizations. She is director of digital strategy at OHO Interactive, a full-service digital agency in the Boston area focusing on higher ed. Cohen previously worked at Tufts University and Suffolk University, in addition to running her own independent consultancy to higher education. She speaks frequently, including keynote addresses at HighEdWeb Pittsburgh 2014 and HighEdWeb Arkansas 2011. Cohen's background is in journalism, including a three-year stint working in the fast-paced online newsroom of The Boston Globe.