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102C, Wisconsin Center

You Get a Framework! Crafting Strategy, Goals, and Metrics.

Wednesday, Oct 16 1:00 - 4:30

Presented by Erin Supinka

A strong and thoughtful social presence can be a powerful supporting element in larger communication and institution initiatives. Oftentimes though, we’re left to build a strategy as a separate entity and left out of the larger strategic conversations, leaving digital communicators grasping at straws when it comes to proving the value of our work.

In this workshop, we’ll walk through how Dartmouth built out its current social media strategy and program using existing and public institutional statements, stories, and site structures, workshopped it with leadership, and built out an analytics reporting process to measure success.

Workshop attendees will learn how to:
– Identify and build strategic frameworks in line with their institution’s existing mission, values, and content
– Define or fine-tune their content shop’s mission
– Develop voice and tone documentation
– Customize template worksheets to fit their own reporting and analytic needs
– Use these frameworks, data, and templates to get buy-in from leadership

As a team of one, I’ve built out a handful of tools, resources, and workflows that help streamline and simplify this process as much as possible and can be applied to teams and workflows (big and small)! Attendees will leave with access to these resources as well as a foundation to build out their social media or content strategy.

Who should attend:
Anyone in charge of their institution’s social media content, management, and analytics or who wants to have a better understanding of what goes into managing an organization’s digital content and engagement. While this workshop will focus on social media strategy, the lessons and examples can be applied to broader content strategy as well. Writers, editorial staff, visual media producers, etc. are all welcome!

Attendees will need to be able to locate and work with their institution’s mission, values, and other guiding principles. Otherwise, all are welcome!


Erin Supinka

Assistant Director for Digital Engagement

Erin Supinka is a digital strategist with eight years of experience helping higher education institutions communicate with and engage their target audiences. She currently serves as the assistant director for digital engagement at Dartmouth College. Erin leads the institution’s social media program and works with senior leadership to identify the most effective ways to disseminate key messages across digital platforms, and tracks the success of those messages across multiple channels. She’s also fluent in doggo and puppers and is a budding brand manager for Fern and Cedar, her two rescue dogs.